About us

I am a small one man micro-business with a big ambition to serve the wargaming and table top gaming communities with affordable quality models.  I design, develop and produce the range of laser cut products from within the heart of South Yorkshire.

I have been wargaming and board gaming for over 10 years with my own children and attending various local wargames clubs.  My orange dice are infamous! My current gaming interests include: Flames of War, Bolt Action, Warhammer 40K, Necromunda, Shadow War, Force on Force, Sharpe's Practice, X-Wing and Zombicide - when time allows.  

As my wife comments "A proper lead fetish!"

However the initial seed had been sown many years before; playing in the garden with Airfix plastic soldiers and plastic tank kits, my adventures were also supplemented by reading Victor and Warlord at any opportunity the mold had been set.

I love wargaming and all that is associated with it - painting, historical research, gluing and making my own terrain.  

I plan to expand the range of models and accessories for the wargaming community.

The range will continue to expand slowly, however, it is difficult to decide what to do next so  I will try to listen to the majority opinion when considering new items.

Everything is made fresh to order so my aim is to have an order turnaround of within 5 working days.